Welcome to Amerin! As my first post I’d like to take time to share with you a little about our brand. Here at Amerin we are so passionate about beauty in nature and beauty in ourselves. We believe in educating ourselves in what our skin really needs to be protected, nourished, and naturally beautiful, so we can master the art of aging gracefully.

Amerin came about because of a personal need. Years ago I developed a photosensitive allergy to lime and lemon. Which means if I somehow get lime or lemon on my skin while I'm outside in the sun, a very painful and horrible looking rash will form within minutes. It was kind of a terrible situation since at the time I was working on cruise ships that sailed to Cozumel, so Mexican salsa and margaritas were a little tricky. After I found out that lemon and lime were the triggers of this reaction, I immediately put on my investigative hat. Not only did I begin researching what forms of lime and lemon are in cosmetics especially as fragrance but I was researching what other ingredients natural or synthetic could be somehow irritating to the skin. I’ll be speaking more about these sensitizers in later posts. 

As we age we are always looking around for the next best thing in skin care and wondering, “Is that miracle cream the one I’ve been searching for?” or “Does it really work?”. I have always done the same, spending so much money on the newest serums and creams hoping the next one would finally give my skin what it needs. In the end the products never were quite right. The under eye products seemed to dry the skin under my eyes even more, the facial serums would end up leaving me with no visible changes, and the face washes would leave me dried out, red, and irritated. Sound familiar? After being so put off by trials and errors I decided to find out what not only my skin, but any skin type at any age really needs to be healthy, glowing, and smooth. I formulated products that included every repairing, regenerating, and nourishing ingredient to give me the healthy, glowing, and smooth skin I had been wishing for. Amerin Skincare products are handmade in small batches and have been formulated with a minimal number of ingredients that each serve a very important purpose. 

 I look forward to being able to connect with you and share the information I have to help guide you on your own Natural Beauty path towards beautiful skin. Feel free to leave comments or ask any questions, I would love to hear from you! Talk to you soon Natural Beauty! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @amerinskincare

xxoo Ann Marie