Amerin All-star Ingredients Series: Pomegranate Seed Oil and Baobab Seed Oil


Isn’t it tiring trying to find the right products for your skin, products that will actually make a positive difference in your skin? Amerin Skincare takes the lost feeling out of being in the skincare aisle and puts the fun into looking at the ingredients list. Our ingredients list may be short, (don’t worry that’s a great thing), but they sure are mighty. Each ingredient is an active ingredient giving you the best of the best, without all of the nonsense.  This post is a start of a series giving you a closer look into the ingredients we have chosen and why we know they are truly skin pampering all-stars.

Organic pomegranate seed oil and baobab seed oil are the star ingredients in our Nourishing Facial Oils, chosen for their high vitamin and antioxidant content, making them all-stars in repairing, and protecting skin. Both oils are nourishing and moisturizing but let’s take a closer look at what makes them unique.

Pomegranate seed oil is a natural fighter when it comes to keeping your skin healthy and beautiful. It is naturally high in flavanoids and punicic acid which aids in reducing inflammation of the skin. A study from the University of Michigan Medical School, published in the February 2006 Journal of Ethnopharmacology, shows that pomegranate seed oil stimulates keratinocyte proliferation, promoting regeneration of the epidermis. Those are a lot of big words, I know, but the most important words to read are regeneration of the epidermis! The oils from the pomegranate seed also carry powerful anti-oxidant benefits, fighting free radicals that can damage and age the skin.

Baobab seed oil coming from the African Adansonia tree, referred to as the “Tree of Life”, is a thinner oil, high in Linoleic acid which makes it easer for the skin to absorb without clogging pores or leaving an oily feeling. Rich in vitamins A, D, E, and essential fatty acids, these vitamins and EFA’s help to improve skin elasticity and rejuvenate damaged skin cells. The vitamin A in Baobab seed oil is converted from beta-carotene in the body and can help repair and provide protection against sun damage, help to even out skin tone, and improve skin texture.

Both of these oils are created using cold pressed extraction, as are all of the oils in our ingredients list. This means that the oils are never bleached, diluted, or stripped of it’s natural benefits, leaving you with nothing but pure antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids.

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