Help Amerin Skincare help others.

It's absolutely heartbreaking to see children and families lives completely shatter from the effects of the crisis in Syria. I, and I'm sure you as well, feel incredible sadness and frustration of not being able to fix the problem. As someone looking to do anything they can to help, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out the best, most effective way to reach those in need and give them the resources they need to survive, thrive, and rebuild. In support of Hunger Action Month, Amerin Skincare would like to do a little something different and supplement our 1% donation to help fight hunger with additional monetary donations to the International Rescue Committee. There is not enough space here for me to explain all of the amazing things they do so please have a look at their website. In addition to immediate emergency response (food, water, shelter, health, and safety) they also focus on long-term help including working with apartment buildings to vouch for the refugees so the buildings will rent to them, navigating legal paperwork, helping to find jobs (shout out to Chipotle in DC), providing healthcare, education programs, and specialized care for women and children. The list goes on which is why Amerin Skincare is proud to do whatever we can to help in this time of need. So we ask you to help us help them with your purchases through or by your own personal donation through their website. Remember, it's not just about us in this world, we need each other's kindness and support to survive. Join the conversation to help make all #RefugeesWelcome . Visit IRC's website at

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