Too much sun? We've got you covered.

So you you're having an amazing time on your relaxing beach vacation, aka your friend's pool, the sun is shining and the music is playing. While enjoying your ultimate beach bash you walk into the bathroom, take a look in the mirror and realize that your face is fiery red and sensitive to touch. The sun got you, and it got you good. You can't turn back time and re-apply your spf in between the Mai Tais but let's take a look at what we can do to ease the effects of sunburn and prevent peeling and further damage.



Cool it!  

If you've ever experienced a sunburn you know how hot your skin continues to feel even after you've left the sun. It's important to stop the burn by applying cool compresses to the effected areas and relieve any swelling. You should seek medical help if you have severe blistering, have a fever and chills, or are woozy or confused.



Drink up. 

 It's all about that H2O. Dermatologist Jeffrey Brackeen, MD, a member of The Skin Cancer Foundation reminds us that burns draw fluids to the skin that could potentially lead to dehydration in the rest of the body. So good old, reliable water and a bit of electrolytes will help your body recover from sunburn, and those Mai Tais.



After the redness and pain, what most people associate with sunburn is peeling skin and longer term effects like age spots. After you have cooled your skin down completely it's crucial that you keep your skin moisturized and give your skin the tools it needs to repair itself and work properly. Essential fatty acids like omega-6 and omega-3 are fittingly essential to your skin in order for it work properly, as in helping to keep skin moisturized and its cells strong by reducing the amount of water lost through the epidermis. Without enough EFAs your skin can suffer from dryness, and collagen breakdown. Your body doesn't produce EFAs itself so using a moisturizer containing a high amount of EFAs will help to give your skin the strength it needs to protect itself.

Vitamin E & C will also help your skin fight against the effects of sunburn. Both ingredients are fierce antioxidants and fighters against uv damage like age spots and free radicals but used together they are unstoppable! They both have excellent wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties, incredible moisturizing benefits like preventing water loss, and the ability to repair damaged skin. 

It is essential to keep sun damaged skin moisturized and infused with antioxidants and EFAs and what better way to find all of these ingredients in one bottle than with our 100% pure, organic, skin saving, anti aging Nourishing Facial Oils. Click here to find out what the ingredients in these lifesavers can help you with.


I hope these tips find you well, but hopefully you won't need them to begin with. As always remember your Spf and your hat when you are enjoying your time outside!  🌱😎