Reduce waste and gain a vase.

So your skin looks amazing and your Amerin Skincare bottles are empty. You need to do something with your bottles but end up looking at your recycling bin and get a feeling that maybe you can do the environment one better. It's no secret that producing waste is an issue and especially frustrating when you are environmentally conscious so we've come up with some ideas of how you can up cycle your Amerin Skincare bottles and turn potential waste into something beautiful and useful! 

How to prep your bottles 

  1. Remove labels and any stickiness that remains by rubbing off or removing with warm soapy water
  2. Use warm soapy water to clean the inside. 
  3. Air dry

Twine wrapped mini vase 

This idea was kind of a no brainer. I mean, who doesn't like flowers in a beautiful vase? 

This idea was kind of a no brainer. I mean, who doesn't like flowers in a beautiful vase? 

tools needed- twine, some sort of adhesive that works for glass i.e. hot glue gun 

  1. Use any twine, ribbon, or string you have lying around the house or check your local craft store. 
  2. Using either our design or your own creative idea, using your hot glue gun, carefully start gluing and wrapping the twine around the bottle inch by inch until your desired endpoint. If using a hot glue gun, careful hold the twine in place until glue starts to cool. 
  3. Don't have glue? Simply wrap the twine around and tie it into a simple bow. 
  4. Choose your favorite flowers or greenery and place it in your new twine wrapped mini vase. 
Another easy and beautiful update.

Another easy and beautiful update.


Frosted glass painted mini vase 

Tools needed- craft paint, scrap or newspapers for drying, and a paint brush to decorate the outside if you'd like to.

  1. Choose your favorite color craft paint or any extra paint lying around the house.  Ideally it would be one that won't wash off but it's not imperative.
  2. Pour a small amount of paint into the bottle and slowly continue to turn the bottle as the paint slides around coating the inside.
  3. When there are no bare spots to be found, rest the bottle upside down on whatever you don't mind getting paint on like old newspapers or scrap paper. 
  4. Wait an hour or so and then flip the bottle right side up and allow to dry overnight.
  5. You can also use craft paint to decorate the outside and even paint the entire exterior. I also love the look of metallic spray paint designs so go where ever your creative mind takes you! 
  6. Place your favorite flower or greens and admire your creativity! 


These are just two ideas to get you started on up cycling, if you haven't already started.  I love grouping together mini vases of different or the same sizes to give any surface in the home or office a chic update. There are so many ways to make something old new, beautiful, and useful in another way, so look around the house, (or the garbage) and see what inspires you. Tag @amerinskincare in your up cycle post on Instagram and Facebook and be featured on our page and let us know what ideas you have for up cycling your Amerin Skincare bottles.