It's officially limes-are-off-limits season for me...


It’s officially limes-are-off-limits season for me😵.

For most of you this bowl of limes may remind you of some freshly made guacamole..... margaritas in the sunshine, maybe a lime in your after work corona?!

For me these limes remind me of itchy, irritated, burning, rashes called Phytophotodermatitis...... not sure they made that word long enough🧐😂.

About 6 years ago I was enjoying life working on cruise ships as a professional dancer, (< fun fact, and I will expand on my previous career later ☺️) enjoying my days off on the beach with a lime and corona, or swimming in pools at beach clubs. (Remind me again why I stopped?! 🤔😂)

After one specific day of swimming in a pool full of mojitos that may have been spilled in after a day of maybe a little too much fun in the sun, I woke up the next day with a full body rash and a blister on the side of my nose and face.

The doctors couldn’t diagnose it as the irritant for dermatitis is sometimes very hard to figure out. They even took a biopsy with no success. I eventually healed until my next beach day.

There I was on the beach squeezing limes into my beer and wiping the lime juice off on my legs. (no napkins in sight so, obvs) The next day there were huge blisters along my thighs and my lips were huge and painful. Although I was uncomfortable and in pain we finally figured it out, and I learned that it is more common than I thought!

I found out that I had Phytophotodermatitis, which is a dermatitis caused after the skin is exposed to photosensitizing compounds in plants and then exposed to sunlight which includes citrus fruits, celery, and wild parsnip.

So limes, and actually lemons now too + sun exposure= disaster. That includes essential oils and juice from the peels of the fruits as well.

while the idea of not having margaritas in the summertime is devastating this is the journey that led me to create Amerin Skincare and I hope to continue to bring you products and information to keep your beautiful skin protected!

I’d love to know, have you ever experienced sensitivities like this? What are some of the sensitivities you struggle with?