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社区 Engagement

社区 Engagement

我们连接, 合作, and partner with individuals, 学校, and 组织 to provide free resources for learning and mental health.

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社区 资源

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Meet the 社区 Engagement Team

CHC’s 社区 Engagement team connects, 合作s, and partners with individuals, 学校, 组织, and corporations to make resources free and accessible to your community.

How can we help?

联络我们: communityengagement@amerinskincare.com to find out more about educating your community to reduce stigma around learning differences and mental health.

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Director, 社区 Engagement
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Associate, 社区 Engagement
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Natalie Tamburello

Manager, 社区 Engagement
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I feel so supported and understood. The parents in the group don’t judge me or the behaviors of my anxious teen. It also helps to know that I’m not the only parent struggling with really challenging behaviors.

—Parent Support Group Attendee

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社区 Engagement

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