In addition to Amerin Skincare's 1% donation of each purchase to fight hunger, in light of Hunger Action Month, Amerin Skincare is proud to give additional monetary donations to the International Rescue Committee. Visit their website here to learn more about the amazing things the IRC does to help refugees survive, thrive, and rebuild.

Amerin Skincare was created not only as a wholesome, results driven, organic skincare brand, but also as an opportunity to make a difference in the world we live in. Growing up I was always taught that when you are given blessings you must always give back. Even when our family was struggling at times, we were always taught that somewhere someone needed more help than we did.  We always found a way to give back.

With so many beneficial charities, it was incredibly hard for us to decide which charity to donate to initially. As our business grows we plan on donating to additional charities throughout the years. We have decided that Feeding America* lets us start making a difference in a basic but most important way. We believe in healthy skincare and a healthy America. Feeding America* helps to make sure that the families in America do not have to struggle to find food, one of our basic human needs. Not only does the money donated support food banks, donations also go towards their Child hunger strategy programs, senior programs and when disaster strikes Feeding America* delivers food, water, and supplies to people in devastated communities. For more information on what Feeding America* does for our country or to make your own donations please visit

We couldn’t do all of this without you.  So thank you, as always for shopping with us. We hope that you share our excitement for this and stay tuned here and at our Blog for news on our future charitable endeavors and keep looking good and doing good.


*Feeding America is a registered trademark of Feeding America