Not to worry. Reaching out for an appointment is the first step (and it’s a big one). 我们想了解你的孩子或青少年,以及发生了什么. So, on your first visit, 我们会询问他们生活的方方面面, including family, school, peers, 发展历史和更多. We’ll ask about the issues that led you to CHC, what you’ve tried and where things currently stand. 在参观结束时, 你的专家会给你下一步的建议, 其中可能包括我们的一项服务, recommendations for home or school or simple reassurance that you’re already on the right track.

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Our specialists are here to support you and your family with safe teletherapy appointments.





Our clinic is open on weekdays for onsite and virtual appointments.


You or your child may join telehealth sessions from anywhere within the state of California! However, 如果你不在这个州或国家, licensure regulations do not permit us to provide clinical services to you. Anyone joining the teletherapy session must be located within the state of California at the time of the appointment.


你们提供法院规定的治疗吗, reunification therapy, or child custody evaluations?

No. Children, parents, 以及卷入法庭诉讼的家庭(例如, 托管的分歧, high-conflict divorces) present with unique circumstances that require clinicians who are adept at maneuvering both the mental health system and also the legal system. This is a specialty in the mental health field known as forensic psychology. We encourage those families who have mental health concerns and legal involvement to reach out to forensic psychologists and neuropsychologists.

Please visit 家事法庭服务计划 在你的国家找到你当地的供应商. 如果您位于圣克拉拉县,请访问 家事法庭服务. 你也可以参观 美国法医心理学委员会 寻找你所在领域的专家.



Collect prior assessments and available records – any prior evaluation reports, progress reports, 治疗出院总结, 学校文件(成绩单), 老师的进度记录, examples of work), 学区评估报告, IEP documents, relevant medical information and anything else you think would be pertinent.

Gather input from additional people in your child’s life (such as teachers, coaches, therapists, 教育专家, 临床治疗提供者)关于你孩子的功能. This could be informal (a brief chat) or by requesting a meeting or written note.

Empower yourself

Consider individual therapy for yourself as a parent/caregiver; overwhelmed parents may find support and help in therapy. As a parent, you may be the agent of change for your family and you need a safe space to process, too.


加入一个为面临类似问题的家庭提供支持的小组. 知道你并不孤单会有很大的不同. Plus, you’ll learn tips from other parents and caregivers who are on the journey alongside you. CHC offers groups for parents of children and teens with ADHD, Learning Differences or Anxiety. 在这里了解更多关于CHC的小组.

我被列入了兴趣名单. What can I expect?

If we do not have current availability for the service you are requesting, you can choose to be placed on our interest list to be contacted when we have openings in the future. Connecting you and your child to care as soon as possible is our priority, so we will also provide you with referrals to other trusted agencies and providers in the area.



网络棋牌十大网址在线提供, 随时获得关于学习差异的最佳资源, ADHD, autism, 焦虑和抑郁. 参观资源图书馆 and gain greater insight to your child’s thought processes, emotions and behavior. 社区教育课程的录音也贴在这里.

也请查看我们的 CHC同情之声播客 for insights, inspiration and creative conversation about mental health, education and parenting.



我们约好了看看你是怎么学习的, 你的优点是什么?, 是什么阻碍了…

We are going to see a therapist/counselor/support person so you can have a safe and special place where you can talk about your worries and your feelings.

We are going to meet with an adult you can talk to that’s not us because we realize that you might not feel comfortable or want to talk about some things with us.



Understanding costs:


No. CHC is considered an out-of-network provider by all insurance plans for outpatient services. CHC provides a monthly superbill so that you can work with your insurance provider to see reimbursement. While our office does not have formal contracts with private health insurance companies and our services are self-pay, we offer a generous financial assistance program and encourage families to apply via our two-page application. CHC never wants finances to be a barrier to accessing the best-in-class care your family deserves.

To assist you with receiving reimbursement from your insurance provider for CHC services, we created this 网络外保险报销指南(PDF).

The RISE IOP has been successful in establishing a Single Case Agreement (SCA) with many insurance providers. 如果你有资格参加RISE, you will be connected with a CHC staff person who is responsible for establishing SCAs.


At CHC, it is very important to us that your family receives needed services. If you are worried about costs, please consider applying for financial aid. We are grateful to many generous donors who support CHC and we are proud to pass that support on to you. 

You Care Coordinator can help you with the application process at any time – whether you’re waiting for your first appointment, 或者你的家庭状况发生了变化, 或者正在增加/更改服务-我们在这里为您服务. 下载申请表格.


下载并完成您的 forms in advance.


今天就十大正规棋牌网址护理协调员,安排和预约. They will listen to your concerns and match you with the best specialist for your child.


Crisis icon Stress & Crisis Resources

等不及你的约会了? 请参考这些24/7危机热线以获得即时帮助.

My heart literally goes out to everyone who is visiting CHC for the first time. 我也经历过,我想让你知道还有希望.
— CHC Parent