Doctoral-Internship-PhotoPsychology Training Programs

CHC has a long history of providing training to doctoral interns and postdoctoral fellows in clinical psychology and we have a superb group of seasoned supervisors who are committed to training the next generation of ethical, culturally-sensitive, well-trained and informed, competent psychologists. Join us!

Doctoral Internships in Clinical Psychology

Children’s Health Council (CHC) and Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford Consortium internship program in Child Psychology is open to advanced level predoctoral students enrolled in APA accredited doctoral programs in child clinical or counseling psychology. The internship provides intensive training in the assessment and treatment of children and families in a variety of interdisciplinary settings. This internship is accredited by American Psychological Association.

Learn about the APA-Approved Doctoral Internship Program in Clinical and Pediatric Psychology. Read more about our 30-year partnership here.

Applications must be submitted through APPIC and follow APPIC guidelines.

Postdoctoral Fellowships

CHC’s Postdoctoral Fellowships in Clinical Psychology are one-year, full-time positions for candidates who have completed an APA-accredited Ph.D. or Psy.D. Graduate program in child and adolescent clinical psychology and a doctoral internship and earned their doctoral degree. Postdoctoral Fellows have the opportunity to gain experience with: multidisciplinary assessments; therapy with a diverse array of children, diagnoses and cultural backgrounds; and training in our Intensive Outpatient Program for at-risk adolescents. Our amazing group of seasoned supervisors are committed to training the next generation of ethical, culturally-sensitive, well-informed, best-in-class psychologists.  

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