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我们提供双语服务, culturally-relevant mental health and education support, filling unmet needs in the Ravenswood community. 的高效, needs-based service model provides on-the-ground bilingual parent education and consultations, 教师专业发展, clinical evaluation for learning and mental health concerns, 以及个人和家庭治疗.

With strong support from a committed group of mission-minded donors, CHC launched the Ravenswood initiative in East Palo Alto and East Menlo Park in 2014 to remove barriers to success for under-resourced youth and families, 不管学习方式如何, cost, 语言或地点.

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Dr. Khasho is CHC’s 首席临床官 and Director of 临床服务 for 沙山学校. Dr. Khasho has over 20 years experience evaluating and treating children, teens and families. He specializes in pediatric anxiety and 抑郁症, ADHD, autism, 法医鉴定和家庭治疗. Dr. Khasho解释说, “Our specialists work together to bring all their knowledge and points of view to the table to discover what’s really going on with each child. Our highly-trained expert staff includes licensed psychologists, 神经心理学家, 精神科医生, 教育专家, 职业治疗师, and speech-language pathologists–all right here and ready to help.”

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Zahra Murtaza博士

Ravenswood Program Manager and Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Murtaza is a Staff Psychologist who is passionate about working with diverse children, 青少年和家庭 through a framework of evidence-based practice and cultural humility. She entered the field of psychology with a desire to reduce mental health disparities and promote resilience in every client and family with whom she works. 在她的研究生训练中. Murtaza has helped people with a range of presenting problems, 包括焦虑, 抑郁症, 自残或自杀倾向, ADHD, 行为的挑战, 创伤和适应困难. 在她的业余时间,博士. 穆尔塔扎喜欢徒步旅行, 旅行, 学习新食谱, 和家人共度美好时光, 朋友和猫.

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Divier Wallace, MA, npt, MFTI


Divier has been providing mental health and social services for the past 17 years to underserved children, 青少年和家庭. 在CHC工作之前, 他担任过不同的角色,如案例经理, 网络棋牌十大网址和残疾主任, Psychiatric Technician and Crisis Clinician for various agencies and psychiatric hospitals throughout the Bay Area and Northern California. On the international level Divier has volunteered with multiple organizations providing crisis support services to youth and families in various countries in Central and South America. 在他空闲的时候, 他喜欢旅行。, 与家人和朋友共度时光, 阅读和锻炼.

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Danna is a bilingual licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Her work has primarily focused on supporting children, teens, 父母通过个别治疗, 家庭治疗, 家长教育. Danna has experience providing therapy to those needing additional support or skills in the areas of executive functioning, 行为管理, 情绪调节, 学习应对策略. 在不同的学校环境中工作过, Danna is familiar with school supports such as IEPs and 504s. She also works to foster collaborative relationships with schools and outside providers to better inform care for the client. Danna’s therapy style is geared toward improving interpersonal and family dynamics by addressing challenges with communication, 解决冲突, 与创伤有关的情绪调节, 抑郁症, 焦虑和神经发育诊断.




Cynthia is a first generation Latinx in the mental health field. She sees in the Latinx culture that there are difficulties with 抑郁症, anxiety and asking for emotional support when needed. However, she sees that anyone has the right to ask for help and express vulnerability to address concerns and other stressors without worry of judgement.

Cynthia graduated at Palo Alto University with a Masters degree in Counseling and with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy. With experience working as a school-based counselor especially through the pandemic, Cynthia grew understanding in how to support children and adolescents and how to help parents and families improve in positive relationships.

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Ravenswood健康伙伴关系 (RWP) Practicum Student


Ravenswood健康伙伴关系 (RWP) Practicum Student


Ravenswood健康伙伴关系 (RWP) Practicum Student

CHC Ravenswood 合作伙伴

We partner with these community organizations to lift social, emotional and developmental barriers to learning and life success.

Ravenswood健康伙伴关系. 携手共创美好未来. 提高协调能力, capacity and access to culturally appropriate mental health services for youth and families in East Palo Alto and east Menlo Park. Learn more at ravenswoodwellnesspartnership.org.
Ravenswood健康伙伴关系. 携手共创美好未来. 提高协调能力, capacity and access to culturally appropriate mental health services for youth and families in East Palo Alto and east Menlo Park. Learn more at ravenswoodwellnesspartnership.org.

San Mateo County Health: Behavioral Health & 恢复服务











Boys & 半岛女子俱乐部

I recently provided services to a young single mother with three kids. After mom became quite ill with COVID and lost her job, she and her kids became homeless.

One of our Ravenswood Wellness 合作伙伴 referred the family to me. I was able to provide mental health services and connect them to resources like food, clothing, 药物治疗及临时房屋. Mom was able to get well and find a job and, 在CHC和社区的支持下, the family was able to move back to East Palo Alto. This was the community they had called home, and now they have a chance at a new beginning.


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