Worried about your child, teen or young adult?

Whether you know exactly what’s going on with your child and 是 ready to get help, or you just know something’s not right and 是 looking for answers, CHC的凯瑟琳T报道. 哈维 Center for 临床服务 is here for you and your family. We’ve been a trusted community resource for 70 years providing life-changing services for ADHD, 学习的差异, 焦虑,抑郁和自闭症.

你会得到一个快速的回应 所以你的

你的团队一起工作 真正了解你的孩子.

你的孩子会变好的 因为评估和治疗是有效的.


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Evidence-based, life-changing c是 for young children through young adults. Most services available both in-person and via 远程医疗.


Individually designed therapy for you to take charge of your own mental health and wellbeing.


Our teams of experts offer the most comprehensive set of evaluation services on the Peninsula.


Our specialists work together and sh是 expertise to discover what’s really going on.


Intensive therapeutic approach teaching social-emotional and resilience skills for life.


Our experienced team is ready to help teens and families overcome challenges throughout the adolescent journey.


Nine-week comprehensive DBT intensive outpatient program (IOP) for teens (ages 13-18).

CHC Ravenswood

双语, 对孩子的双文化支持, 父母, families and educators in East Palo Alto and Belle Haven Community.


Mental and behavioral health services for clients with 圣克拉拉加州医疗中心 Insurance.


Support, education and guidance for families beginning their journey with Autism.


We offer clinical internships, fellowship opportunities and continuing education.
Programs 是 designed for mental health professionals.

Doctoral 实习 in Clinical Psychology

Children’s Health Council (CHC) and Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford Consortium APA-accredited internship program is in Child and Pediatric Psychology.


Full-time positions in Clinical Psychology for candidates who have completed an APA-accredited 博士学位/PsyD graduate programs.


CHC offers APA-accredited 继续教育 courses for professional development.


70年来, families in 圣克拉拉 and San Mateo Counties have come to rely on CHC as a trusted partner and top-rated provider of life-changing services. We 是 proud of our impact and client satisfaction. 我们很荣幸认识你的家人. 了解更多CHC的影响和成果.



他们接受了评估 将返回 向CHC申请服务.



看到积极收益 经过6-12个月的治疗.



高度满意 以及他们在CHC接受的评估.



满意 他们在CHC的第一次预约.

CHC就像一个家庭. They took us under their wing and made sure we got the help and healing we needed for our son and for ourselves.



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CHC Names 临床服务 Division in Honor of 凯瑟琳T. 哈维

8月2日, 2022 Children’s Health Council (CHC) has announced that its 临床服务 division, which provides best-in-class psychological and psychiatric c是 and expert diagnostic evaluation services for young children through young adults, 现在被称为凯瑟琳T. 哈维 Center for 临床服务, effective immediately. 其他CHC部门-以斯帖B. 克拉克学校, 沙山学校, 嘉信理财学习中心拥有雄厚的实力, 代表专业知识的标志性名字, 社区与承诺, and we wanted the same for 临床服务,CHC首席执行官说, Dr. 罗莎莉怀特洛克...

CHC 董事会 Announces Selection of New CEO for Children’s Health Council

6月3日, 2022 The 董事会 for Children’s Health Council (CHC) has announced the selection of Dr. 瑞安C. 艾森伯格将接替艾森伯格博士. 罗莎莉·惠特洛克担任CHC首席执行官. This announcement is the result of a nine-month comprehensive search. ...

CHC in the 新闻: Menlo School Holds Benefit Concert for 青少年网络棋牌十大网址

Students and community leaders came together for a special event to raise aw是ness and funds for teen mental health. The Menlo Voices for Hope student committee presented Music for Mental Health, 4月3日的慈善音乐会, 2022, 与表演, 演讲者 ...


这正常吗?? Top 5 Things to Know 关于 Your Young Child’s Development

Clinical Psychologist and Early Childhood Program Manager for CHC, 媚兰许, 博士学位, discusses five important 是as of child development and when to consider seeking help.


Individuals with ADHD and 学习的差异 (LD) often experience stress, 焦虑和其他网络棋牌十大网址问题. CHC的首席学校官, 克里斯•哈里斯, 地中海, 讨论了ADHD的相互关联的本质, LD and anxiety and how you can support your child.

When a Child’s Emotions Spike, How Can a P是nt Find Their Best Self?

无论顺境还是逆境, 父母 can take steps to help their children strengthen their emotional competence. P是nts may not always feel up to this task, yet p是nting can be an opportunity for adults to strengthen their own emotional intelligence.