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How to Navigate Difficult Conversations with Your Teenager

Important conversations with teenagers are among the biggest challenges of parenting. They can feel like walking a tightrope. Lean too much – or too little – into commands and restrictions and you’re likely to tip over. Read more »

Helping Teenagers Cope with Grief

Each year thousands of teenagers experience the death of someone they love. When a parent, sibling, friend or relative dies, teens feel the overwhelming loss of someone who helped shape their self-identities. And these feelings about the death become a part of their lives forever. Read more »

Parents’ Guide to Talking to Adolescents About Death

For many adults, talking about death is difficult. When we speak to our own teenagers about the death of a peer, family member or teacher, it can be even harder. Read more »

How to Help a Grieving Teen

In our work with teenagers, we’ve learned that teens respond better to adults who choose to be companions on the grief journey rather than direct it. We have also discovered that adult companions need to be aware of their own grief issues and journeys because their experiences and beliefs impact the way they relate to teens. Read more »

Helping Teens With Grief

You may feel unsure of how to support a teen who is grieving. Here are some ideas that may help. Read more »

Teen Mental Health: Resources for Parents & Caregivers

Adolescence is a time of significant change and growth, marked by unique emotional, social, and psychological challenges.  As a parent or caregiver, you can play a vital role in nurturing your teen’s mental wellness. Read more »

Resources for Talking to Young People About Mental Health and Suicide

As a parent or caregiver, you play a pivotal role in your teen’s life—not just in providing care and support but also in guiding them through difficult conversations and emotional challenges. Talking about suicide openly and compassionately can help break down the stigma surrounding mental health issues, encouraging teens to share their feelings and seek help when they need it. Read more »

7 Strategies to Help Gifted Autistic Students Succeed in College

About 1 out of every 100 students in American public schools has autism. A subset of these students also have academic gifts and talents in a broad range of areas, including math, science, technology, the humanities and the arts. These students are often referred to as “twice exceptional.” Read more »

Teaching Positive Psychology Skills at School May Be One Way to Help Student Mental Health and Happiness

Youth mental health has worsened significantly over the past decade, but new interventions that teach positive psychology concepts in school may help. Read more »

Could Negative Thinking Patterns Be Bringing You Down? Recognizing Cognitive Distortions Is the First Step to Overcoming Them.

It is common to experience negative thoughts day to day, but when these thought patterns, also known as cognitive distortions, are persistent, they can interfere with your daily life and contribute to mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. Read more »

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