7 Strategies to Manage Appetite Loss While Taking Stimulant Medication for ADHD

By Alexa威尔玛斯, CHC Psychiatric Mental-Health Nurse Practitioner

It’s no secret that the number one side effect impacting clients with ADHD who take stimulant medication is appetite loss. Most children and adults who take stimulant medication for the treatment of ADHD experience this side effect to one degree or another. 阅读更多›

Empowering Families: The Transformative 影响 of SPACE Training for Children with 焦虑 and OCD

by 艾米DiLaura, CHC市场经理

Parents of children with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) know that the path to improvement isn’t always a straight line. These issues can be challenging to manage, and often require a comprehensive approach involving therapy, 支持, 有时是药物治疗.

In addition to traditional patient-based therapy, sometimes families can benefit from SPACE (Supporting Parents for Anxious Childhood Emotions) training: an approach that focuses on teaching parents or caregivers how to 支持 their children in managing anxiety-related behaviors. 阅读更多›


在这个 同情之声 episode, we discuss the sensitive but critical topic of teen suicide.  In our conversation with CHC Doctoral Psychology Intern, 艾米丽·雷蒙德, we discuss key risk factors that parents, 教育工作者, 而同龄人应该意识到, offering practical strategies for parents to create open lines of communication with their teens and recognize warning signs. 阅读更多›

The 影响 of Puberty on Mental Health

Puberty can be a challenging time, 但是有了指导, parents can help their children navigate it with resilience and strength. Drawing on insights and the expertise of CHC Doctoral Psychology intern, 艾玛Lecarie,这 同情之声 podcast episode provides practical advice for parents navigating this transitional period with their children. 阅读更多›

Mental Health in the Asian American Community

在这个 同情之声 podcast episode, CHC, licensed psychologist, Dr. 艾米丽许 and licensed clinical social worker, Thuy Tran talk about the unique challenges and stigma surrounding mental health and the Asian American community. 阅读更多›

Fostering 青少年网络棋牌十大网址 and Well-Being [video]

Adolescence is a time of emerging independence, growth, and vulnerability.  Adolescents are also faced with an array of risk factors that can impede their progress and shape their journey.

在这个 community education presentation, CHC’s 当然喽Khosravi小组,.D., talks about adolescent development, 影响, 压力, and  how parents and caregivers can 支持 them on their journey and nurture resilience. 阅读更多›

Parent Burnout [video][presentation]

在这个 community education presentation, CHC’s 卡桑德拉桑切斯小组,D, discusses parent burnout— what it is, 需要注意的迹象, 促成因素, why it’s important to address these feelings, 以及你能做些什么.

The material is presented in English and Spanish. 阅读更多›


Adolescence is a period of growth in which youth are discovering who they are and where they belong. 在这个富有洞察力的 同情之声 episode, we discuss the dynamic and sometimes challenging journey of parenting adolescents. 阅读更多›

Navigating Divorce with Your Children

Conflict within relationships is natural. What happens when this conflict occurs within a family and ends up in separation or divorce? Join us as we explore effective communication strategies with children during this challenging time, emphasizing the importance of fostering open dialogue and understanding and offer insights into how to create a 支持ive environment for children to express their emotions. 阅读更多›

Desmitificar la Salud Mental (Demystifying Mental Health)

欢迎来到本期特别节目 同情之声 episode focused on mental health within the Latinx community!

Dr. 琼Baran is joined by CHC colleagues and psychologists Dr. 美琳娜Foden 博士和. 艾米丽许 as they explore how culture and traditions impact perceptions about mental health in Latinx families and how these 影响 impact seeking help when needed.

En este episodio de 同情之声,半径标注. 琼Baran tiene una conversación con colegas y psicólogas de CHC,半径标注. 美琳娜Foden y半径标注. 艾米丽许 en la que exploran cómo la cultura y las tradiciones impactan las percepciones sobre la salud mental en las familias latinas y cómo estas influencias impactan buscando ayuda cuando es necesario.

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